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Whether you're here because you just ended your Junior year of High School (CONGRATS BTW) or you’re here because you just want to check things out... regardless the reason I am so happy you are here! I take great pride in being chosen to capture and preserve each of my seniors stories (not a job I take lightly). I strive to create clean and genuine images that tell the story of who my seniors are then and there! I intentionally and meticulously document your session so that every gallery and every film delivered creates the feelings you felt on your session day ALL OVER AGAIN... the laughs, the joy, the excitement and the grateful hearts! 

My job as your photographer and videographer go way beyond your senior session. I am here as a resource for my seniors (and you parents too), from hair & makeup recommendations, styling for your session, picking the perfect locations and experienced advice from over 40 senior sessions.I want your time spent with me to be memorable, joyful and stress free. I understand that while you value a beautiful experience, I know how meaningful the portraits from your day are, which is why I make sure I capture your session and you genuinely and beautifully! If you think this sounds like what you are looking for, keep on scrolling to learn more! 

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the photos

Are you here for a senior photographer? Maybe you are just checking out the photos for fun... regardless the reason I am so glad you are here! In the beginning there was only photo, yep thats right! I was a photographer long before I added video! I love documenting seniors and freezing a single moment in time! My photo style is light, bright and colorful! I strive to create clean and genuine images that capture your story then and there! I invest time getting to know each of my seniors so I can create a custom experience unique to them and their personalities!

The ALP Experience begins as soon as we have our first email date, I love to be apart of your entire senior session planning process. My goal is to help relieve any stress and make our time working together memorable and fun! I create a custom experience, as well as recommend other amazing senior session vendors that you may still be in search of (hair, makeup, nails, boutique, etc)! I only recommend vendors that I have personally worked with and I know the quality experience and service they also provide their seniors! I offer my seniors a variety of collections to fit their needs from senior session only, senior session with hair & makeup and adventure senior collections, as well as an A La Carte Menu for my seniors to create a custom collection that fits their exact needs!  

the reps

The ultimate Senior experience. Almost any senior you ask will tell you their senior year felt like a whirlwind. While photographs from your session, will be kept on display for years, an amazing experience will be a memory you have forever. Senior Reps receive many perks for being apart of the ALP Team from discounts on prints and products, personalized senior session AND cap and gown session, opportunities to earn some money with each referral and win a Passion Planner (my absolute favorite planner) to name a few. It's my goal to give you and your parents timeless images that will last a lifetime. More than anything, I want to create a life-long memory for you that is even more beautiful than your senior session itself. The joy, the laughter, the smiles, the excitement, the beginning of a new chapter!

I will begin the search for my Class of 2021 Rep team on October 23rd, 2019 and applications will open up on this date! I will be looking for Seniors graduating May 2021 who are outgoing, love being in front of the camera, want the ultimate Senior year experience and are involved in either their school or community (clubs, organizations or athletics). 

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You believe the most important part of your senior year will be the memories you make with your friends and family during this new chapter!


While you LOVE and have an eye for all the trendy boutique clothes they won't consume you!


Family is the most important thing to you!


You LOVE timeless images that are always clean & genuine!


On your day off you can find yourself in yoga pants (or sweatpants like me if we are being real) and a sweatshirt!


You love adventure whether it's hiking, traveling or exploring the city you live in!


You want quality heirlooms that will be passed down for generations to come! 


you love referring your friends, classmates and family to awesome people and companies you learn about!


You LOVE the ALP style & are seeking an experience that lasts way beyond your senior session!


You made it through! You are DEFINETLY a #seniorrepofalp & I cannot wait to meet you!

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senior experience

I have worked hard to craft a "senior experience" that is unique and I take great pride in how each senior feels! I strive to make every step of the rep program as exciting and joyful as possible, from our first coffee date to our final session together! Take a peek into the Alyssa Lucero Senior Experience:

The alyssa lucero

My responsibilities as your photographer/videographer go way beyond just capturing beautiful images and film of your wedding day. 

I don't believe that senior photography is one-size-fits-all! All of my #seniorsofalp are unique and deserve service that is unique to their story! #seniorsofalp, know that if they want fun, authentic and joyful images from their senior session, then it takes more than a camera. It takes a connection, lots of knowledge, and an incredible EXPERIENCE! Aspiring #seniorsofalp (especially Reps and their parents) desire having an experience. The first step towards becoming a Rep of ALP is filling out an application! I want to know all there is to know about you! What school you go to, what extra - curricular activities you participate in, your interests, your hobbies, your goals and aspirations!

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You turned in your app, now it's time for us to meet face to face over some coffee! I love this part! If it seems like a good fit I will ask you to join the #seniorsofalp Rep team. I ask for a non-refundable retainer and electronic signature for everything to be official and hold your spot! Next, you will receive happy mail from yours truly! It will contain the one-of-a-kind #seniorsofalp Guide with 30+ pages of helpful information, a list of preferred vendors, a graduation party planning timeline, and of course an essential oil roller! So are you ready? 

it's happy mail time!

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Senior Reps will receive the #seniorsofalp magazine jammed pack with 30+ pages of helpful information, style prep guide, vendor recommendations and graduation party planning timeline, as well as an essential oil roller AND a special surprise! In this you will also receive a timeline, a list of perks that Reps get to take advantage of and a contract to OFFICIALLY join the ALP Rep team!

We're getting the whole team together!

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You're gonna meet the whole gang! The launch event is a fun way to meet all the awesome ladies apart of the team, there will of course be snacks and photos taken! All Reps receive a cute little gift and will have TONS of opportunity to share all their fun on social media!

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It’s here! I love to be apart of my Reps Senior years wh

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