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I am a Wedding and Senior Portrait photographer based in Colorado… but I always have my bags packed for my next wheels up adventure. So hint hint, I will travel for your wedding day or portrait session!

The vision behind ALP is simple... to create beautiful, clean & genuine images! My style is light, bright and colorful, I love capturing emotions in between posing and the the questions/games I throw in to bring out a hearty laugh or an adoring glance! ALP clients are laid back (they understand why their photographer wears leggings and sneakers (not on wedding days of course) to their portrait sessions and coffee dates.but want a custom, high end experience and product. I make sure that the images, prints & products I deliver are nothing short of that! They want an experience that goes way beyond their Wedding day or Senior session. And are always welcoming to a new friend... me!

I enjoy being apart of my clients journeys. In my photographs I hope to document genuine images of who they are then and there. I strive to create clean and quality images that bring stories to life and a unique experience that makes memories out of moments. Investing my time getting to know an individual, couple or family is key so I can create a fun and genuine experience and session that is true to my client(s) personality. As a photographer I love to capture couples sharing an adoring glance or joking with one another, a newlyweds introduction as husband and wife or a Senior's excitement as they enter into this next big chapter of their lives. I wear my heart on my sleeve. There is a good chance you’ll catch me crying during a father daughter dance or during vow readings. Don’t worry, I can work and enjoy these beautiful moments at the same time.

Most days you will find me in my coziest sweatpants and sweater on the couch working while diffusing my favorite oils and listening (binge watching) A L L the Harry Potter movies! I believe in being the best version of myself each day, that some day I will own a farm filled with furry creatures of all sizes (a fun surprise for CJ) and that there should be more Harry Potter themed books and movies in the world. I am a connoisseur of perfectly salted margaritas, aspiring gardener, world champion itinerary maker, painter and a coffee drinking DIY enthusiast. ​
If you would like to investigate me further, you can check out my Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest boards, my photo blog or my newest blog The Loose Arrow Edition. I love new friends.

I'm Alyssa, Photographer, Videographer & Professional cat cuddler! I can't wait to capture your special day, drink all the coffee & have an excuse to stop at chick-Fil-a for a mid day snack!.

You can say I have always been into art but growing up I thought I wanted to be a Dentist... Yup thats right. I quickly had a change of heart my second year in college and pursued an art major. Coming home from college I of course got the first job I could get (which was in a Parks & Rec office) and it would be THREE years before I decided to start my photography business. And basically the rest is history. I have had the pleasure of documenting Weddings and Seniors full time for two years and I am incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude for the journey God led me on. Everyday I wake up and get to pursue my dreams with a cup full of coffee on my desk and three cats fighting over who gets to sit on my lap. 

Given an entrepreneur spirit I started as a distributer for Young Living two years ago and I love teaching others how they can be preventative in their health and wellness, while also ditching the toxins in their home. I LOVE using my oils on a daily basis, so no matter where you may follow me at, you will always see that occasionally in my stories and posts! So whether you are here for photo, film, my crazy cat stories or essential oils, I am so glad you are here and can't wait to meet IRL!

alp is powered by coffee in the am & Ningxia in the pm!

and of course cat snuggles!

cats... I'm that crazy cat lady!

wannabe professional chick-fil-a nuggets conniseur 

essential oils... it's time to oil up buttercup!

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in november of 2017 we rescued 3 little kittens who have taken over our house ever since! I am offically a dog person turned crazy cat lady... Continusously searching for kitten No. 4 to add to our fleet!

I love baseball... Every year I count the days down to opening day and I am waiting for the day that the rockies win the world series!

If you want to find me before your session or after... check the nearest chick-fil-a!

I am all about being preventative in my health and wellness. Two years ago i started using young living essential oils and products and began ditching the toxins in my home. I want to help you do the same!

Fun fact when i first started my business i would hunker down in the tv room put in the 1st harry potter movie, work on my website, marketing, etc and slowly proceed to go though the series!

salt lake City, Ut
Savannah, GA
Hilton Head, SC
Nampa, ID
Manhattan, KS
Oahu, hi
kauai, hi
nashville, tn
Miluwakee, wi
wyoming, ia
seattle, wa

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coffee & tea

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All things harry potter... Slytherins unite!