What’s The Deal With Fragrance?

It’s Fragrance Day, today, did you know that? So what’s the deal with fragrance? Is it really bad for you? Your questions will be answered in this blog post! To preface this post, I used to be the BIGGEST consumer of perfumes! Especially Bath and Body Works. Anyone else with me? I used to love walking into the store and smelling all the heavenly smells. So I want you to know this is not a “shame on you” post but rather helpful information that was shared with me, because I didn’t know. Actually, let me rephrase that. I never thought to research the ingredients in fragrance or what fragrance was. Therefore, if you are like me, and “don’t know” I want to pass on informative information that will help you “be in the know.”

What Is Fragrance?

According to Safe Cosmetics the FDA defines fragrance as a combination of chemicals that give perfumes their scent. Perfumes often times contain additives such as, solvents, dyes, preservatives, UV absorbers and stabilizers. These additives are typically (but not always) listed under ingredients. However, the chemical components of what makes up a distinct fragrance itself are protected under trade secrets and are only listed as “fragrance, parfum, scent, artificial scent, etc.” I HIGHLY recommend reading this Safe Cosmetics article, as it has sourced other credible sources with information pertaining to fragrance, specific chemical ingredients and their side effects.

So What’s The Problem?

One of the main issues with fragrance is that companies are not required to disclose what chemical ingredients they are using in the makeup of their “scent.” Currently, laws do not allow the FDA to require the disclosure, to protect trade secrets, therefore creating a loophole. Our skin is our largest organ of our bodies and is constantly absorbing whatever touches or is placed on our skin! When we unknowingly are placing chemicals on our bodies without the known side effects, we are creating possible side effects and health conditions to ourselves. Learning this opened my eyes and I started being more diligent about what products I was using. I also began to learn what companies had high standards and FULL transparency for their ingredients.

What Do I Use Now?

Upon my research of what products I had been using; makeup, shower, personal care, etc I found a lot of my chosen products contained harmful chemicals. I was fortunate a friend, introduced Young Living a company who has been a leader in the Essential Oil industry for over 20 years. They had a, “Seed to Seal” promise which you can read about here. I was incredibly excited to had been introduced to a company with such high standards and FULL transparency of their process, products and ingredients. They offered products from home cleaning, makeup, personal care, supplements and essential oils. I have made a complete switch to Young Living in our home and ditched ALL the toxins!

Wrap Up

Checkout, “My Beauty and Toxin Free Amazon Products Guide,” for links to items I use to create my natural and toxin free perfumes. I will happily answer any questions in regards to Young Living, the products I use, etc. So please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below and ask away. I hope you found, “What’s The Deal With Fragrance?” helpful! If you did please leave a comment below, I would love to connect with you!

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