My Beauty and Toxin Free Amazon Products Guide

Who doesn’t want to ditch the toxins in their home? My Beauty and Toxin Free Amazon Products Guide, will walk you through all the products I love from Amazon. They help me maintain my toxin free home! Everything from the carrier oils I use to the glass and metal bottles.

Why I am so passionate about a toxin free home

I was introduced to Young Living 3 years ago and I am very grateful for this journey. So why am I so passionate about a toxin free home? 3.5 years ago, CJ had a major emergency surgery. What we thought was the flu, turned out to be appendicitis, abscess and bowel blockage. His road to recovery took over a year. When he returned to work a month after surgery he struggled to fight off the common cold and flu.

At the start of the new year we were introduced to Young Living. I saw it as a way to become more preventative in our overall health and wellness. Young Living naturally fit into my already “crunchy” life choices and personality, so I was excited about the journey. I dove into learning about the products we used in our home and why I should ditch them for Young Livings household, makeup, personal care, supplements, etc.

False Claims

I found that many companies claim “all natural” and “Toxin free,” but reading their labels tells a different story. One of the main ingredients I keep an eye out for is “Fragrance” or “Synthetic Fragrance.” These are blanket terms that mask any number or combinations of chemicals. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and also very permeable. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.

Did you know within 3 seconds on inhaling or breathing in a scent (fragrance), etc that it can be found within your lungs, heart and thyroid? When you apply something topically on your skin it take 26 sec for it to be found in your bloodstream and 20 min for it to be found within every cell of your body. Therefore, I encourage everyone to check their labels and if it lists “fragrance” or “synthetic fragrance” it is not toxin free to “all natural.”

Why I use Young Living essential oils

Did you know the FDA only requires a company to place 5% pure essential oil into their bottle to be able to label it as 100% pure essential oil? That means that the remaining 95% is filled with carrier oils, chemical additives and solvents.

However, I chose Young Living as a company to not only use their essential oil but switch over all our household, personal care, supplements, etc because of their Seed to Seal Promise. You can read about it here in more depth. What I learned was that Young Living promises from the field their seeds are planted, distillation and bottling their oils are never touched by chemicals, pesticides, etc. As well, at any time you can visit their farms and see the process. I love how transparent they are about their process and products. It was very important to me that I found a company that had high standards like Young Living.

I love helping people start their journey in essential oils and ditching the toxins in their home. If you would like to start your journey, click here, to get your kit. If you have questions in regards to oils, young living and how to get started I would love to chat with you and you can connect with me here.

The Amazon Guide

  1. Cobalt Blue Essential Oil Roller 24 Pack
  2. Gradient Rainbow Essential Oil Roller 24 Pack
  3. Amber Essential Oil Roller 12 Pack – I love these rollers because they have gold tops.
  4. 16oz Amber Spray Bottles 2 Pack – I use these for my Thieves cleaner! I stash one under the kitchen sink and one in the linen closet.
  5. 2 oz Amber Spray Bottles 12 Pack – I love making linen spray, room spray, bug spray etc.
  6. 4oz Cobalt Blue Spray Bottles 6 Pack
  7. Variety Pack Amber Spray + Rollers
  8. 19lbs Epsom Salt – This is the one I purchase because we take a lot of Epsom salt baths.
  9. 8lbs Epsom Salt – This would be great for someone trying epsom salt for the first time.
  10. Amber Eye Dropper Bottle 24 Pack – These are great for face and hair serums
  11. Clear Eye Dropper Bottle 12 Pack – I love these ones because I love to add flowers and turquoise or rose quartz stones in the bottom for the pretty vibe.
  12. 10ml Mascara Tube 10 Pack – I make eyelash grow serums with these
  13. 5ml Polygonal Clear Essential Oil roller 6 Pack – These are just pretty rollers to have
  14. 10ml Black Essential Oil Roller 6 Pack – I love these rollers and they can be fun for a halloween themed roller blend
  15. 3.4oz Perfume Spray Bottle 9 Pack – I use to make my own perfume with Young Living Essential Oil
  16. 2oz Perfume Spray Bottle 2 Pack
  17. 16oz Jojoba Oil
  18. 1oz Rosehip Seed Oil
  19. 4oz Jojoba Oil
  20. 2oz Castor Oil – I use this for my eyelash and hair serums
  21. 8lbs Shea Butter
  22. Raw Shea Butter 1lb – I purchased this tub because I make body butters often
  23. 1lb Cocoa Butter

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