3 Reasons Why You Need To Capture a “Day in The Life”

Have you seen sessions where momhood or childhood is documented to reflect your day in the life? It’s a beautiful way to express creativity and document the moments in your day that represent life as it is. Better yet, they are not only for mamas and kiddos. Here are 3 reasons why you need to capture a “Day in The Life.”

1. Capturing Habits + Routines for a Captivating “Day In The Life” Project

Most of the time we make efforts to document the milestones, extraordinary adventures and celebrations, forgetting the memories obtained from everyday moments. It can be difficult, even hectic, to step back and capture the day as you experience and observe each day. Your “Day in the Life” project is a great excuse to capture the rituals and routines that are easy to take for granted but are gone before you know it.

2. Exploring Your Creativity

  • Exploration of light. A benefit of shooting over an extended period is the awareness of the way light changes throughout the day. Use your Day in the Life project to discover the best light in your home throughout the day – and don’t be afraid to take notes about what you find to refer to later!
  • Variation of Perspectives: Stuck in the house? Only have one subject all day? These aren’t limitations, they are opportunities to get creative! You can still come up with a captivating, varied set of images by adjusting the angle of light, switching out your lenses or focal length, changing your shooting perspective, capturing different parts of the subject, playing with shutter, aperture, focus, ISO, etc.
  • Creative Juices: How often do you focus on taking photos for a period of time? If you commit to a day of shooting, there’s a good chance you will become aware of your creativity and gain some artistic momentum as you go. Hopefully, that momentum will go beyond the day, reenergizing your photography and creativity altogether!

3. Creation of Memories

Whether you are the subject, your fur babies or your kiddos, have fun with it! If you are using your family or kiddos for your “Day in the Life” project encourage them to suggest activities, and take a turn behind the camera. Don’t overwhelm yourself with having to snap a million photos. Even one photo has the power to represent your “Day In The Life.” If you capture 8-10 photos throughout your day, you can create a captivating “Day In The Life” that is true from start to end!

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