How to Plan a Stress Free Wedding in Denver

This guide will help you plan a stress free wedding in Denver in eight easy steps! The one thing I hear most often is how stressful wedding planning can be… it doesn’t have to be! Your main goal should be to have a beautiful marriage over a beautiful wedding day. Don’t let the stress of wedding planning effect your relationships with you fiancé and families. You can implement each of these eight steps into your process and I promise you will want to thank me later.

First 5 steps to planning a stress free wedding in Denver

  • Create a wedding binder, to store and organize everything! You will want to have ONE place to store vendor contracts, guest list, budget trackers, family photo list, calendars and to do lists.
  • Keep a running month by month to do list. The easiest way to create this is make a list of all the things that need to be done before your wedding day. Then create a to do list for each month and delegate each task accordingly each month based on amount of time it needs to be finished and locked down.
  • Schedule one day a week for NO planning. Yep, you read that right. ZERO planning. The biggest mistake you can make is letting wedding planning consume you.
  • Schedule a weekly date night with your fiancé, preferably on your “no planning” night. Wedding planning should not consume your relationship. Be able to take a night off to spend intentional uninterrupted time with your fiancé.
  • Plan a beautiful marriage over a beautiful wedding day. Your biggest goal should be to have a beautiful marriage over a beautiful wedding day. Yes, of course you can still have a gorgeous wedding day, but don’t let that make you lose sight of what this is all about.
  • Back up Plans

Last 3 steps

  • Start having realistic expectations of your wedding day. It is OKAY if there are a few hiccups in your wedding day, it’s normal! When you have this large of an event, you can’t expect that everything will go perfectly. Family may not listen to directions to be present for family photos. Ask a friend, bridesmaid or groomsmen to help wrangle family for portraits. Guests who did not RSVP will show up and need a place to sit and a meal to eat. Don’t be rude to them, plan to have a back up table and a few extra meals ready in case this happens. Your dress or veil might tear, people may step on it, it will get dirty, be okay if this happens! Lastly, understand that there may be a few glitches in your timeline. Getting ready may take longer than expected, guests may not arrive on time for your ceremony, family portraits may go over time, all these things will not ruin your wedding day.
  • Be ready to delegate tasks and ask for help. The worst thing you can do is try to do EVERYTHING all by yourself. DON’T DO THIS! Ask for help (within reason) and delegate tasks to someone who might be able to do it faster and easier than you,
  • Have backup plans ready! What will you do if it rains? What will you do if your cake doesn’t show up? It’s a good idea to have plans in case the unlikely happens, so you’re prepared and have a plan of action.

Did this guide, How to Plan a Stress Free Wedding in Denver help you? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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