Amazon Cat Essential Wishlist

I hope you find this Amazon cat essential wishlist helpful in getting some great products for your furry friend. I have and use some of these products for our cats and love them so far!

Amazon Cat Products I am Currently using and my Cats Love

We have been using this litter for a little over a year now and I really like it. It doesn’t have any fragrance and I think it is less dusty than the Arm and Hammer clay litter we started out using. Click here to read why we switched to all natural cat litter!

We just ordered this drinking fountain and we love it so far!

Amazon Cat Essential Products I Found but Haven’t tried just yet

I added these products to my Amazon Cat Essential Wishlist because I plan on purchasing these products over the next few months.

I ordered this litter last month because the sWheat Scoop was unavailable (it is now available again), I have not yet used this litter yet. I started looking for backup litter options and found this brand. After doing some math it is actually less per pound than the sWheat Scoop, a happy accident. Once I am able to try it, I will let you know my thoughts. If it performs just as well as the sWheat Scoop brand I will make a switch to save some money.

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